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The Heart Sounds &
Murmurs Laboratory
Lab Director: James M. Wilson, MD
The following videos are recorded patient cases. Dr. Wilson explains each indivdual patient case taken from live recordings.We strongly recommend that you use headphones for listening to recorded heart sounds rather than through loudspeakers. If you don't have access to headphones, however, Dr. Michael Nihill, a pediatric Cardiologist at Texas Children's Hospital, suggests that you use your stethoscope pressed against a loudspeaker as an alternative. Another recommendation is repetition. Studies have shown that in order to improve auscultatory skills, repetition is the key. So listen to the sounds over and over again.
EKG Intro
Fourth Heart Sound (S4)
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EKG Quiz
6560 Fannin St, Suite 1836
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Third Heart Sound (S3)
Aortic Stenosis