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Seen here, Dr. Harvey is doing what he loved best, teaching the art of auscultation and the physical exam. The Heart Sounds Laboratory and the Texas Heart Institute owes him a debt of gratitude for the many hours he contributed by participating in the annual Texas Heart Institute Spring Auscultation Symposium and collaborating on improving the art of teaching auscultation. During these sessions, Dr. Harvey would impart his well-known "cardiac pearls" and heart sounds imitations. Among the written comments made at one of the symposiums were, "I am so excited to have been able to participate in such a forum with
such greats in cardiology as Dr. Harvey" and "I felt privileged to attend this symposium. I rather enjoyed learning from the cardiologists in particular, Dr. Harvey. I was able to definitely
improve my cardiac auscultatory skills." You can read about Dr. Harvey's many accomplishments in this paper published in the Texas Heart Institute Journal and entitled,"
W. Proctor Harvey; A Master Clinician-Teacher's Influence on the History of Modern Medicine." Additionally, Dr. Robert Hall wrote the following editorial at the time of Dr. Harvey's death: "In Memoriam; W. Proctor Harvey."
Dr. Harvey Lecture.