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Currently, Dr. James M. Wilson, has acted as the Chief of Staff (2013-2015), Chief of Cardiology (2008-2015) and Chief of Cardiology Education and fellowship training (2013-2016) for St. Luke's Espicopal Hospital.
Dr. Wilson's interests, in addition to patient care, include education in basic cardiac physiology, physical diagnosis and clinical research. He has numerous scholarly publications, Book Chapters and opinion pieces.

Arnulfo M. Martinez, the lab coordinator, is responsible for audio and video recording, editing and producing all heart sounds educational material. Additionally, he assists Dr. Wilson in developing and disseminating the educational material via interactive CD-ROMs, DVDs, Podcasts, weekly student lectures, continuing medical education, this website, and also through mobile phone applications. Mr. Martinez has over 25 years of experience in medical multimedia production including live broadcasts of Cardiology Symposia and Cardiovascular Surgical Conferences. He has received numerous awards including the Matrix Award of Excellence for a multimedia presentation in electronic media and Award of Excellence for best of category in electronic media for "Gram Stain Primer", and First Place Communicators Award for "Pediatric Cardiac Auscultation" CD-ROM published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. And in June 2012, the lab's podcasts and mobile phone app "Auscultation Primer" won the Bronze Award from the Web Health Awards.