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The Heart Sounds & Murmurs Laboratory
EKG Intro
Welcome to the Heart Sounds and Murmurs Laboratory website. The Laboratory is located in Houston, Texas, USA.
This website provides educational material regarding auscultation of the heart for the medical student, nurse, intern, resident, and cardiologist.
We have included actual patient heart sounds recordings as well as some artificially created sounds. Dr. James M. Wilson, the lab director, gives written and spoken explanations regarding the sounds.

6560 Fannin St., Suite 1836
Houston, TX 77030
"In the physical examination of the heart, the old adage, 'you only see what you look for' holds true with modification to, 'you only hear what you listen for.' Although a very experienced clinician may listen to a polyglot of noises, compare them to an internal matrix and make a correct diagnosis with, 'that sounds like...,' for us mere mortals, proper auscultation requires that you listen carefully and thoughtfully to one thing at a time."
James M. Wilson, MD
"Auscultation Primer"
The Heart Sounds and Murmurs Laboratory | 6560 Fannin St, Suite 1836| Houston, Texas 77030 | 832-355-2937
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Visit the Texas Heart Institute STemi Review Center dedicated to reviewing histories, ekg's, and cineangiograms of patients with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarct.
Also visit Nelson's EKG site, an excellent educational website, dedicated to the study of electrocardiograms hosted by Dr. William Nelson.
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